About us

We are the new owners of one of the smallest detached homes in the city of Toronto. Our goal is to live a lower-impact life – to buy less, waste less and worry less about the costs, in all senses, of living.

We hadn’t expected to find an affordable house in the city. Instead, we had a rudimentary sketch of the small and very simple structure we would build, one day, when we found the place to do it and the means to get there. We were already renting on our current street when we noticed our new house was for sale. It was, by North American standards, a tiny house: at just over 12 feet wide, it appeared to have wedged itself between two normal-sized houses out of a mischievous desire to prove it could be done. And it was our house – so uncannily similar to the one we had drawn, we might have designed it ourselves.

On the following pages we’ll share our adventures as we attempt to live on a smaller, more sustainable scale. Enjoy your visit and please come back and see us again soon.

Penelope Radley is a writer and editor specializing in scientific, medical and technical topics. Rebecca Ghent is a planetary scientist who studies geological processes on the Moon, Mars and Venus. We both delight in running, rock-climbing and scuba-diving, among other outdoor pursuits. Being uniquely suited to these activities, our favourite planet is Earth.

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